Heartbreak and the Divine


Heartbreak is a double edge sword. I write this because the wonderful love which entered my life, departed as quickly as it entered and rather abruptly without reason. Although I am very sad at the loss, I am the greater for having experienced this love. It's trite but still true.

As a result of this experience, I recognize that an amazing and passionate connection is possible. And although he was not ready for the wondrous, passionate rollercoaster ride, I know I am capable of finding someone who is. I learned that someone who I found to be truly amazing, both physically and mentally, could, in turn, be crazy about my inner beauty, quirkiness, and humor. And most importantly, I learned that I don't have to settle as I have done in the past. 

I'm sorry he won't get to know the loyal, loving, protective, forgiving, and caring individual I am. He only had a chance to get to know a sliver of my being. But that is life. We can lose love as quickly as it comes in. And it is not your fault, my lovely. Many factors may contribute, but at the end of the day - the timing was just not there.

Be Patient

Being Patient - the worst two words imaginable to me. I am definitely not a patient individual. As a result, I have often jumped into situations that were not the best for me. But I have learned a valuable lesson - there is something and someone much better to wait for. 

And, ultimately, you do not know how things will turn out in any given situation. Things that seem lost may yet turn around. 

Time doesn't just heal wounds. It can also redirect courses and give people second and third chances...a new chance to right misconceptions and communicate in a more reasoned fashion. Or bring the very thing you thought impossible right into your hands from another direction totally. 

The Divine

So what does this have to do with the Divine? The Divine gives you only as much as you can handle. It may often seem like too much; but once you weather the storm, you realize you were strong enough to endure and ended up growing as a result. The Divine is teaching you that you are resilient and that there is more/better out there waiting for you. 

Watch for signs from the Divine to guide you. 

The Divine will send you unmistakeable messages. Listen for them and use your intuition. Trust in your judgement. You are much wiser and stronger than you realize. 

And if you still feel you can't trust your judgement, seek out someone you feel understands you to confide in and discuss things with. But if their advice doesn't resonate with you, then find another confidant. The right advice might be uncomfortable or difficult to do - but you will know it's the right course of action for you in your heart.